Nature Inspired Styled Shoot

Miss Penelope Pink and I had a little nature themed picnic with our furbabies on Mother’s Day. Dogs really are the best company! It also gave me an excuse to style an event, which I always love doing!

I purchased flowers from Publix and Hobby Lobby and arranged them myself. I purchased fabric to sew napkins, the table runner, copper placemats, and the chandelier (which we didn’t get to use because I stepped in a fire ants mound right below it). I designed a simple invitation suite and had it printed at Kinko’s. And I made all the food and desserts!

I also created a few DIYs in case you want to make them too!

Quick Felt Flowers
Paint Easy Flowers on Macarons
Simple Savory Cream Cheese Puffs

P.S. We didn’t let the dogs eat the human food… even though they definitely tried!

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  • mama trish November 13, 2018

    This is lovely! I enjoyed your Style talk at Wordcamp Orlando immensely! I hope that someday will have as wonderful a site as yours. (In circus colors, and weirdly different, as, like you said, “I BE ME!”) (“you be you?”) Thanks for the inspiration and ideas and tools!

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