Quick Felt Flowers

No matter how easy felt flowers are to make, they’re definitely not streamlined or simple! So I came up with a relatively quick way to create wisteria-esque flowers. And if you have a few friends to help, it can certainly be created in just a couple of hours!


Fold the felt so there are four layers. Then freehand or trace circles onto the felt. They don’t need to be perfect.


Cut the fabric just above and below the circle so that you have a long strip of 4 unattached layers. Then cut between each circle so you have a bunch of squares. Then cut each group of squares (consisting of four layers) into their circle shape.


Fold one circle over and add a small line of hot glue.


Fold the opposite side over and carefully press to seal.


Attach felt pieces together by adding a line of hot glue to the inside edge of the cone. Then just place one cone inside of the cone with the glue and press to seal.

The rest is up to you! Use whatever colors and sizes that you would like. I would suggest at least 3 different sizes from large to small. Hang from circular rings to create a chandelier and you’re done!