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Your Plastic Will Not Be Recycled

It's been a long year that hasn't inspired many posts, but now it's 2021 and I'm diving head first into making zero waste based decisions, especially when it comes to plastic! (more…)

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Assessing the Risk of Infection of COVID-19 via Respiration

I recently read an eye opening post by Professor Erin Bromage. His article grabbed the attention of so many people because it was written in terms we can all understand. His great work inspired me to emphasize some of the highlights in a visually engaging way! (more…)

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Our Space Themed Nursery

My husband and I have always been fans of everything space related, so it was a no brainer that it would be the theme of our nursery. And also because it's not really acceptable for an adult's room to be space themed.

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Nature Inspired Styled Shoot

Miss Penelope Pink and I had a little nature themed picnic with our furbabies on Mother's Day. Dogs really are the best company! It also gave me an excuse to style an event, which I always love doing! (more…)

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Handmaid’s Tale Press Kit

I recently created this illustration out of anticipation for the season 2 premiere of Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. As a result, Hulu sent me a press kit and it was one of the coolest things to ever happen to me! Praised be, bitch! (more…)

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