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Zero Waste Valentine’s Alternative

I know little plastic toys, stickers, and foil cards are so cute but they're not environmentally friendly. This year I wanted to find a fun and zero waste alternative for Zelda's classmates for Valentine's Day so we put together DIY pinecone bird feeder kits! (more…)

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Zelda’s 1st Birthday Party

The party was inspired by Ikea wrapping paper and napkins I bought while still pregnant that were designed by Swedish artist Malin Gyllensvaan. Her work is so beautifully vibrant and whimsical!! (more…)

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Asheville, NC Inspired Goodie Bags

We had a girls's weekend getaway at an Airbnb cabin in Asheville, NC so I made goodie bags for everyone! I designed some illustrations inspired by the blue cabin we were staying in. Then had those printed on Spoonflower's Eco Canvas fabric and sewed those into zip pouches. I found some North Carolina charms on Etsy and added those to the zippers.  (more…)

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How to Make Cute Krampus Cookies

Krampusnacht is only a week away! And whether the people in your life have any idea who or what Krampus is, everyone enjoys a cute cookie. So pick out your favorite cut out cookie recipe and get started! And shout out to my husband for designing these adorable Krampus faces! (more…)

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Beauty and the Beast Cupcakes

If you can trace, then you can make these Beauty and the Beast styled cupcakes. Trust me, they look much more impressive than they actually are! It's definitely tedious, but if you have the patience, you'll achieve some extraordinary looking cupcakes! (more…)

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Nature Inspired Styled Shoot

Miss Penelope Pink and I had a little nature themed picnic with our furbabies on Mother's Day. Dogs really are the best company! It also gave me an excuse to style an event, which I always love doing! (more…)

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Paint Easy Flowers on Macarons

You don't have to be an artist to paint these easy flowers using food coloring. I painted macarons, but you could paint them on iced cookies or fondant as well. You can also expand on this technique to create several flowers of different sizes and colors. (more…)

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Quick Felt Flowers

No matter how easy felt flowers are to make, they're definitely not streamlined or simple! So I came up with a relatively quick way to create wisteria-esque flowers. And if you have a few friends to help, it can certainly be created in just a couple of hours! (more…)

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Llama Cupcakes

It turns out that llama cupcakes (or somewhat ambiguous fluffy animal) are pretty easy to create. All you need is some coconut, a little bit of fondant, and a hand full of chocolate chips! (more…)

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