Zero Waste Valentine’s Alternative

I know little plastic toys, stickers, and foil cards are so cute but they’re not environmentally friendly. This year I wanted to find a fun and zero waste alternative for Zelda’s classmates for Valentine’s Day so we put together DIY pinecone bird feeder kits!

I decided to sell some kits on my Etsy shop for anyone who wants to send a little one a fun activity! Each kit includes:

  • bird seed (biodegradable)
  • peanut butter (biodegradable)
  • metal tin (reusable/recyclable)
  • 2 pinecones (biodegradable)
  • twine (compostable)
  • wooden spoon (biodegradable)
  • linen bag (reusable/compostable)
  • note card (plantable)
  • packing paper (compostable/recyclable)
  • cardboard box sealed with gummed kraft paper tape (compostable/recyclable)