Asheville, NC Inspired Goodie Bags

We had a girls’s weekend getaway at an Airbnb cabin in Asheville, NC so I made goodie bags for everyone! I designed some illustrations inspired by the blue cabin we were staying in. Then had those printed on Spoonflower’s Eco Canvas fabric and sewed those into zip pouches. I found some North Carolina charms on Etsy and added those to the zippers. 

Goodies in the bag:

I used the same illustrations from the fabric to design some hot cocoa labels and hair tie holders that I just printed off on cardstock at Kinkos.

For the hot cocoa packs I just picked up a box of Archer Farms dark chocolate cocoa mix from Target and put the individual packs in cello bags. I added marshmallows and chocolate spoons which are super simple to make. Put 1-2 cups of chocolate chips in a 12″ pastry bag, tie up the end, and microwave in 10 second increments rolling the bag between heatings until it’s completely melted. Snip off the tip of the bag and pipe onto spoons. I used wooden ones from Amazon because I had planned on painting them, but ran out of time. Tap to evenly distribute the chocolate, then add sprinkles or other decorations.

For the hair ties, you can get a bag of 100 assorted colors on Amazon for only $6.99! I only used the colors that matched my designs so I have a lot left over. They’re also not all the same size so you may need to re-knot and trim them if you’re putting them on something like the cardstock so they fit evenly.

I also baked some sugar cookies and decorated them to match the cabin illustration. Obviously my illustration is a very simplified version of our cabin.

The pep talk postcards are from a booklet that includes 10 designs, 2 of each. They’re all super cute and funny… her whole shop is, actually. I love it!

The rest of the bag is filled with some of my favorite e.l.f. items. Specifically, the brown sugar lip exfoliator. I put that on every morning and night. It’s incredible!

We all had such a wonderful time in Asheville. It’s such a beautiful city and I definitely hope to return sometime!