How to Make Cute Krampus Cookies

Krampusnacht is only a week away! And whether the people in your life have any idea who or what Krampus is, everyone enjoys a cute cookie. So pick out your favorite cut out cookie recipe and get started! And shout out to my husband for designing these adorable Krampus faces!

To make these cookies, I actually used a 4″ elf head cookie cutter and just flipped it upside down. You can buy it on Amazon, but I’ve also seen them on Etsy and in Michael’s.

I will be sharing my sugar cookie and royal icing recipes soon, but not yet! I’m sure you probably have your favorite recipes saved already anyway.

What You’ll Need:
  • any cut out cookie dough (sugar, gingerbread, etc.)
  • royal icing (from scratch or store bought)
  • gel food coloring
  • elf head cookie cutter
  • baking pan
  • parchment paper
  • frosting bags
  • printer
  • tracing paper*
  • pencil or pen

Use your elf head cookie cutter to cut shapes from your cookie dough. I rolled mine out at 1/4 inch thick but you can do whatever thickness you prefer. Bake and let cool.

While your cookies are baking print out the Krampus outline and cut around the outer edge. Then cut approximately the same shape from your tracing paper. This step is optional but it does make it easier to center your design on your cookie.

Mix together your royal icing and divide into red, black, grey, and white. You probably won’t need a whole batch so only mix what you think you’ll need.

Once your cookies are cooled and you have your icing prepped, place the tracing paper carbon side down with your Krampus outline on top. Use a pencil or pen (or even a toothpick) to trace the outline. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Now just fill the lines with icing! I’ve found the easiest order to do them is grey, black, red, and then white. Be sure to let dry enough between each color so that they don’t run together. If any of your carbon outlines are showing after your icing has completely dried, just use a q-tip and water to rub off.

*A small amount of carbon residue on your cookies is not harmful. But if you’d prefer to not have any you can also create royal icing transfers. Just place the printed outline under wax paper and pipe the icing onto the wax paper instead of the cookie. Once dry, use some extra royal icing to attach to the cookies.

Bonus: Here are some Rare Exports logo outlines for you to use as cut outs or royal icing transfer guides!

If the cookies aren’t enough, you can always build your own life-size Krampus like we did! Check out my husband’s DIY here.

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    Can confirm these also taste delicious!

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