Birthday Party in a Bathtub

When my friend asked me to do her 30th birthday shoot, I immediately knew I wanted to do a milk bath. But somewhere along the way it escalated to a birthday party in a bathtub!

Our first problem was finding a suitable bathtub. After a lengthy search asking all of our friends, checking hotels, and Airbnbs, we finally found the perfect bathroom at EO Inn! It was white, spacious, and had a window for natural lighting. Even better, I actually got two photoshoots out of it! You can view Kim’s birthday photos here and Miss Penelope Pink’s photos here.

Kim and I spent most of the night blowing up balloons and prepping the bathroom. I made all of the tissue tassels, cookies, cupcakes, and cake in advance.

Tip: To achieve nice shades of blush in your frosting, mix yellow and pink.

Every Friday In Bloom Florist has half off loose florals so I was able to get $100 worth of flowers for $50! If I lived closer I would definitely go there every single Friday.

Since EO Inn is right down the street from Market on South, you know we swung by there for dinner!